Pork or Chicken Chili Verde
Chunks of Pork or Chicken in a green tomatillo sauce with roasted Poblano & Anaheim peppers
Chili Colorado
Chunks of Beef in a spicy red sauce
Southwest Enchiladas
Made with Chicken or beef roasted corn and black beans in a green chili Verde sauce. (Avail in vegetarian)
Soft or hard shell Corn or Flower Carne Asada, pork or chicken.
Tequila lime Fajitas
Spicy grilled Chicken, Beef or Shrimp sautéed with red and green bell peppers red onion garlic with roasted jalapeno in a tequila lime sauce
Stuffed Chile Rellenos
Roasted Anaheim Chiles stuffed with beef chicken or pork and two kinds of cheese topped with a spice Verde sauce and Monterey jack cheese
Southwest Chilean Sea Bass
Baked Chilean Sea Bass topped with a mixture of bell peppers garlic Chiles and cilantro and more baked to a golden good
If you don’t see it we can make it just ask us!!
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